About Us

Aaditya Mittal

Investment Banking Analyst at JP Morgan Chase

Hi there. Hope you found what you were looking for.

I am currently working as an investment banking analyst after completing my studies in mechanical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Why the switch from engineering to finance? Well, I believe that the most important aspect that engineering teaches is the art of engineering one’s way into any field.

As for Pushpak, the reason I started this was to be able to use my years of experience and learnings as an undergraduate student here to help other students achieve their dreams of studying here, while not burdening themselves with huge bills, something most other agencies have little-to-no idea about.

Very, very thrilled to begin this amazing journey and hope to see you become a part of this.


P.S I have been told I look very similar to Allu Arjun. Let me know if you feel the same!!

Aniruddha Bohra

Dual degree student of finance and computer science at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Khamma Gani, this Aniruddha, from Ahmedabad.

I am currently a final year student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Like Aadi, even I had started in mechanical but switched to finance after a year, and then added computer science major to it as well.

And the flexibility that the US education offered to me was precisely the reason why I joined Pushpak so that I could help more students study according to their passion and interests and not just what were the highest paying, because of the flexibility that is offered here in terms of choosing varied subjects is unparalleled.

Excited to see where this venture leads and hope to see you soon.


P.S We both took each other’s photo that has been displayed.